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from the wear and tear of tourism. but first -- >> i usually drive, but i hate being stuck in traffic. >> planning ahead for the looming b.a.r.t. strike and why it could be worse than the strike earlier this month. good evening. >> there are three options, a b.a.r.t. settlement, a strike or the governor could mandate a cooling off period, but as of right now nothing. another night of negotiation without a settlement. the clock is ticking. the deadline is midnight on sunday, meaning monday morning we could have a traffic mess. >> i can't stress enough we, the union, atu, i can only speak for us, are working diligently to try to get a negotiation set up. we do not think it's responsible for the district to hold the bay area hostage. >> the sticking point, salary,
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pension and health benefits. >> the b.a.r.t. strike on monday could be worse than the previous one, that's because that happened on july 4th week. >> you take b.a.r.t. away from the bay area, you get this. that's why the metropolitan transportation commission wants you to get this, >> these kinds of transportation emergencies is what 511 is built for. >> measures traffic congestion and posts it in real time measured from caltrans, chp, various transit operators, all the information fed to this brain center in oakland. 511 monitors fastrak sensors and loop detectors on freeways and highways. >> every minute it shoots a beam
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across the roadway, captures the speed of any vehicle, not identifying it, just a blip we get, a minute by minute sense of how fast traffic is moving on any particular corridor. >> how do you know where to go if there's no b.a.r.t.? >> i usually ask my sister for help. >> reporter: riders dread the thought of a b.a.r.t.less bay area. >> i'm commuting from union city to berkeley. i would have to find another way. it would be tough. probably have to drive there. >> not looking forward to that? >> yeah. >> reporter: a b.a.r.t. customer familiar with had this assessment. >> plan more ahead. leave earlier. >> reporter: is that a pain? >> pretty much. >> reporter: back at 511 control their collecting defense and
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senisen sening sending it out about land and water routes. >> the bay area bridge now moving at the limit, something you may not see next week. terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. the ferries were packed during the last strike, that's why the san francisco bay ferry is getting crews and boats ready. it will expand the number of boats from 8 to 12 or 13. it will borrow two from golden gate ferry. if a strike happens, stick with nbc bay area news. if you have to get to working we have the work-arounds. our b.a.r.t. strike coverage will start at 4:00 a.m. and continue throughout the day on our air and on our website, another hazy night with low air quality. it's causing a lot of sneezes and sniffles for bay air allergy sufferers. will it clear up tomorrow? let's bring in jeff. >> it has been unbearable for the first part of the week.
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we have a unique set of circumstances that have been leading to this poor air quality, namely the fires in oregon. a lot of that smoke traveled across the bay area from fires that burned 26,000 acres. the key difference now is a steady ocean breeze coming out of the west 10 to 20 miles per hour. that's going to be good enough heading throughout tomorrow's forecast to give us marked differences in the air quality. we expect it to move from moderate to the good levels, north bay down to the south bay. coming up, a full track on the cloud cover and your fog factor forecast as we head throughout our thursday forecast. more news now, she disappeared three weeks ago today. tonight her family held a vigil for 21-month-old daphne webb. this is the second vigil in recent weeks. the family trying to keep her story alive, hoping someone will come forward with information. the toddler disappeared on july
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10th when her father left her in the car with his 87-year-old mother to quickly run into a convenience store. since then family members have been visiting various oakland neighborhoods passing out fliers. >> if anybody knows anything, somebody knows where she is. we want to hear from that person. we want our baby back. >> if you want more information on daphne, the family has started a website, findba a consumer alert, 50,000 pounds of ground beef may be contaminated with e. coli, but no one is sure where that beef ended up. the meat comes from national beef packing company in kansas which sold it to retailers, wholesalers and food service distributors nationwide. if you have ground beef in your refrigerator make sure it's not part of this real. for specifics on what packaging
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to look for go to our website, the information is on our home page. just last month, national beef, the same company, recalled more than 20,000 pounds of ground beef because of e. coli contamination. less than a month after the crash of flight 214, asiana airlines is facing a $5 million lawsuit. the lawsuit was filed in u.s. direct court, and he is the first foreign passenger to do so. an international agreement normally prohibits action by foreign passengers but the professor found an exception to this rule. his son bought his plane ticket in california. people and machines are hard at work in vallejo. they're working on a fix for those broken bolts that delayed the opening of the new span of the bay bridge. today we got an inside look at that industrial plant on mayer island where steel saddles and
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cables are being manufactured. final work on the bridge won't be completed until late december. tonight an emergency call for blood. right now the red cross is in desperate need of certain blood types, but one man who wants to donate blood can't because he is gay. george has more on his story. >> reporter: the mayor can organize a blood drive, but he can't even donate his own blood because, as i said, mayor lowe is gay and there's a 30-year ban on gay men donating blood. >> reporter: campbell mayor evan lowe walked into a blood drive hoping to donate, but -- >> i was screened to see if i was a candidate to donate blood. after some questions, including asking if you had sexual conduct with another male, i was
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deferred. >> reporter: deferred or banned from giving blood because he's not gay. >> i'm disappointed. the criteria that was used to find out whether or not i was a candidate was faulty. one can lie on the form and you can still test the blood. >> reporter: the fda has imposed a lifetime ban on gay donors since the aids scare. >> if you're heterosexual you can still donate blood. >> reporter: in response, the red cross said they are just following the fda's lead. >> it's good to see that someone who realizes they can still support the community blood supply by sponsoring a blood drive. >> reporter: the red cross says there are many people rejected from giving blood. >> are travel restrictions, medication deferrals, low iron deferrals. >> reporter: combine that with the low number of donors, that's
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why the red cross says there's a shortage. but alexander beltre said that's more of a reason to lift the ban on gay men. if you answer the questions, and the red cross does their job checking the blood, there should not be a reason people of different lifestyles shouldn't be able to donate. >> reporter: only 38% of the country is even eligible to donate because of all the deferrals. of that 38%, only 8% actually donate. it's a small pool. >> it is a great need. the red cross has an urgent need for platelet donors as well as donors with type o negative, b negative, and a negative blood. if you want to help, we're linking you up with information on how to do it on our website, the winter olympics in russia are seven months away, but the controversy is in full swing now. gay olympians and fans attending
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the games may be arrested and deported because of sexual orientation. russian lawmakers say foreign nationals visiting the olympic city will not be exempt from the new anti-gay laws. those laws ban homosexual couples from adopting russian children and criminalize what they call pro gay behavior. >> they say they will move the amenities from areas where people frequent to areas where people don't go. >> coming up, why they're moving some of your favorite attractions from yosemite national park. >> and the personal journals of some of the ohio captives. and what doctsnowden have do wi the rising cost of broccoli and artichoke? we'll explain.
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the next time you buy frozen broccoli it may cost you more, but it's not an issue of supply and demand, it's edward snowden. political reports says the president of ecuador has been using the surveillance scandal as a reason to pull out of trade agreements with the u.s. until now those agreements have kept ecuador imports tax-free, but those agreements expire today. frozen broccoli will be subject to an import/export tax as high as 15%. today the guardian newspaper exposed another top secret government program with his
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help. the guardian says because of this program the nsa has access to everything you've done on the internet. the nsa says it's the widest sweeping region for gathering intelligence on the internet. it has led to the capture of hundreds of terrorists. the director of the nsa was the keynote speaker at a hacker convention in las vegas. during his comments he was heckled. >> why should we believe you're not lying to us now? >> i haven't lied to congress. >> he said the nsa surveillance programs are crucial and they are only used to track down terrorists, not spy on americans. a bill to cut the costs of student loan fors a bill to cut the costs of student loan for for millions i headed to the president's desk. the bill links the interest
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rates to the financial markets. right now most students are paying an interest rate of 7% on their loans. if signed into law, the bill will drop the current rates to about 3.8%. however rates could increase if the economy improves, but are capped at 8.25%. president obama's health care overhaul has turned into a big win for a silicon valley company. the government just gave e-health permission to use its internet-based platform to help get insurance. >> it's to simplify the process, put that information in clear language, allow you to compare plans side by side, just as if you're buying a laptop online. >> investors liked today's news. shares of e-health jumped by almost 30%.
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the company makes money by collecting commission. diaries written by three women kidnapped and held captive were revealed today. the details are chilling it confirms more than 900 counts of kidnapping, rape, assault and aggravated murder leveled against castro. he pleaded guilty and will be sentenced tomorrow. police in texas pulled over george zimmerman for speeding over the weekend. tonight we're looking at the dash cam video of that traffic stop. you can see it here. zimmerman told the officer he had a gun in the glove box and he was going nowhere in particular. police gave him a warning and told him to slow down. this happened near dallas. earlier this month the former neighborhood watch volunteer was acquitted of killing an unarmed teenager, trayvon martin. the hunt for affordable housing in san mateo county is becoming increasingly difficult. there the average rent for a
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one-bedroom apartment is now more than $2,000 a month. that's a $600 jump over the last two years. housing advocates say people are being forced to looeft area ed or live in cars. i was promised one place, and the guy gave it to someone else. it's been really hard. i hate going through this. >> we are in a crisis in san mateo county. we have very little inventory of affordable housing. far more people seeking rental housing than we have space for, and a crisis how much it costs if you do happen to find a space. >> one affordable housing complex, 2,000 people are on the waiting list for a spot. 4 million people visit yosemite national park every year. tonight there's a controversial idea on the table. the national park service wants
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to reduce congestion in high-traffic areas by closing popular concessions. >> what they're saying, is they'll move the amachinities from the area where people frequent and move them to areas where people don't go. thanks a lot. >> the plan calls for moving bike rentals, rafting and horseback riding away from the 18-mile section of the merced river and it calls for two swimming pools to be closed. some are upset but some environmentalists say it doesn't go far enough. >> somehow we get plans that walk around the issues and don't face them squarely. >> the deadline for the final draft of the plan was supposed to be today, but last week a federal court delayed that deadline until the end of this year because the public flooded the park service with more than 30,000 comments. the air did feel clearer today. i can breathe better. let's find out why with jeff ranieri. >> will get better heading
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throughout tomorrow. wins are kicking up at the coastline. more brisk onshore, 10 to 30 miles per hour. that was good enough to get a decent amount of sunshine for this afternoon. right now that's also good enough to keep that fog machine going at the coastline. yes, while we did have sun, we will get that back at the coastline as we head through tomorrow morning. expect more delays at sfo. not expecting much cloud cover inland that will give us a slightly warmer day on thursday. a live check of our high definition sky network, not too bad in san jose. clear enough that we have been able to monitor the sky traffic. up to the north, emeryville, we have a veil of cloud cover. you can see it there. not very thick, but it is expected to envelope downtown san francisco for the morning a rare, clear shot at the golden
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gate bridge after northerly winds tonight. fog-free at the current moment. the fog forecast for tomorrow, we, again, for the morning hours, 5:00, 7:00, we have the coast highlighted for the areas of fog we expect. for the northern counties, behave not highlighted the east bay or near santa clara. tomorrow morning, the key difference is point reyes down to san francisco should have decent rays of sunshine. from sfo, the coastline, down to half moon bay that fog will stay in the forecast throughout tomorrow afternoon. otherwise on your thursday forecast, temperature near seasonal averages. can't argue with weather like this. 85 in san jose. 70 in santa cruz. 77 in palo alto. for the east bay, 83 in livermore. 81 in pleasanton. 71 in fremont.
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68 in alameda. temperatures just slightly below average in the east bay. san francisco at 64. 77 napa. 68 in berkeley. here is the deal. this area of stubborn low pressure off shore is not strong enough to give us rainfall or extremely cold air. all it's doing is lingering off shore giving us this same repetitive pattern with this hazy weather. eventually it will fade as we head throughout thursday and friday. here are the differences. friday and saturday, sunnier skies, warmer temperatures, mid to upper 80s inland. 70s by the bay. 60s at the coastline. for all of you that do suffer from allergies, that haze will be gone by friday's forecast. the wind pattern will be too strong to bring down smoke from the oregon fathers. >> leaking from oregon, but definitely looking better tomorrow. >> looks like it. a different kind of pitch at at&t park.
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see tonight's soccer match from the ballpark next.
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the giants are on the road but there were a lot of sports fans at at&t park. >> the baseball field was transformed into a soccer pitch as juventus took on everton which is an english premiere league based in liverpool. fans of all ages made it out to at&t park tonight. felt like a european soccer stadium where national pride and many team colors were on display. >> it's the opportunity of a lifetime. the only way to see these teams play is if you go to europe. i'm a manchester united player, i want to see the players play and serie a play. >> my husband is the biggest fan here. >> real excited. >> he can't even talk. >> a lot of excited fans. you don't need to go to europe, europe is coming to us this week. everton won tonight's match on
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penalty kicks. there are eight teams participating in the tournament including the l.a. galaxy, real madrid and ac milan. the tournament will conclude, the championship match will be in miami on august 7th. >> to baseball, a day on the mound he will never forget. a 13-year-old boy from pleasanton pitched a perfect game on day one of the intermediate little league world series in livermore. ian wolf said during the third inning his dad told him he was pitching a no-hitter. that's when he said he realized all his pitches were working and his team was playing great defense behind him. the carolina blue beat a team from michigan, 12-06789 we'll be right back with sports.
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good evening. i'm dave feldman. news out of 49ers training camp of a not so great variety. patrick willis injured his right hand early wednesday.
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he did not take part in team drills after the injury. our comcast sports net 49ers insider posted this video of willis leaving the field. he is scheduled to have an x-ray tomorrow. here is matt with more. >> we don't know the extent of the injury, they took him out of practice. he had the right hand wrapped up. he watched on the sideline. they didn't take him in immediately for x-rays or anything like that. any time anything happens to patrick willis, the all-world inside linebacker you have to stand up and take notice. the good thing for the 49ers, opening day, 5 1/2 weeks away. i'm sure they expect a healthy and ready to go patrick willis when the season starts. >> good job, matt. baseball, athletics hosting the jays. eric sogard pops up. we'll have a collision at the mound. the pitcher should always get out of there. he didn't.
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ball drops safe. brandon moss, pops up from right. izturis can't make the play. sogard scores. tied at 2. top of the tenth, jose bautista doubles down the right line. the blue jays are winners by a score of 5-2. the struggling san francisco giants were at center of mlb trade rumors, but the trade deadline came and went. the giants didn't make any moves. one player garnered interests from other clubs but stayed put. his name, hunter pence. >> it's a big relief. you know, it feels good that, you know, for them to hold on to me, i goat stay with these guys. it's a great group. looking forward to continuing to push forred wheward and progres. >> giants and phillies. top of the first, giants up 1-0. rbi single to center. his first major league hit.
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7-1 giants in the seventh. brett pill, solo home run. giants win, 9-2. >> pablo sandoval did leave the giants game in the fifth with a right heel bruise. he is expected to be in the lineup on thursday. back with more after this.
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it's a big day tomorrow. a new tv network debuts, but this will have your furry friends pawing for that remote. >> the new 24-hour nationwide channel is designed just for fido, rocco or rover. potential audience is huge with more than 78 million dogs in america. it's called dog tv, and it will feature short videos exclusively catering to the canine attention span that includes a romp in the park, a ride in the car, even a
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group of zebra is the goal is to keep your best friend company and out of trouble when you are not home. >> leave the tv on for the dog? >> yes. yes. thoroughly entertained. >> a babysitter for the dogs. >> they'll become couch potatoes. look. right there. >> thanks for being with us tonight. >> see you later. good night. [ male announcer ] how do you do a summer clearance the dodge way? first wait till summer. then get the cars ready. now add the dodge part. ♪ ♪ the dodge summer clearance event.
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right now get 0% financing for up to 72 months and no payments for 90 days on all dodge vehicles.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- kate hudson, bob costas, the music of the kopecky family band
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and "photo booth!" and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you very much! welcome. welcome to "the tonight show." very kind. thank you, thank you. hey. you might remember this. monday night, i mentioned that a man right here in the valley,

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